i love the beach.

jumping boardwalk

my name is riley, and I love the beach. I wasn’t born in California, and I don’t live there, but I simply love it. my passion is fashion, but I love the beach because I think it is a really inspiring place. people can be so creative there, and so I hope I can inspire you in some way, because I post what inspires me and what makes me happy. I hope you feel it too.



    • Hello, and yeah, I am a new blogger! We had to make a blog for my journalism class, so I decided it might as well be something I care about. 🙂 And so yes, that is why I only have an introduction. You’re welcome for the follow, and I saw your comment to a blog that talked about creative names for blogs, and you sounded really funny. So I read your recent posts, and was cracking up the whole time! And thank you, but I actually got the picture off of google, and I haven’t figured out how to give credit yet.


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